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Tustin Water Services Customers can contribute to the Tustin Community Foundation by signing up to make a bi-monthly voluntary donation at the same time they pay their water bill.

TUSTIN, Calif. – Recently the City Council voted to add a new and optional donation feature to water bills for those who reside in the Tustin Water Services area. Previous City Councils, by tradition, used City tax dollars to support local non-profits for the purpose of enhancing a strong sense of community in Tustin. The current City Council maintains the goal of supporting community, but philosophically disagrees that tax dollars should be spent for local non-profit organizations.

To show their support for such programs and their commitment to a strong community, Council members began helping the Tustin Community Foundation by supporting several private fundraising events to raise money. The Foundation in turn uses its donations to support community-based organizations and events.

Now, in conjunction with the City’s water billing software, all citizens living in the Tustin Water Services area can support the Foundation by having a pre-designated line item added to their water bill. Donating through your water bill is another way to give back to the community and support the high quality of life and old-fashioned community we experience in Tustin.

Customers may sign up by filling out a form on the City’s website, Donations will be automatically added to their water bill and reserved in an account that will be paid directly to the Foundation. Water customers can sign up for any amount, from $1 to $9,999 for a bi-monthly donation.

Help 2 Others Donation Form

To learn more about the Tustin Community Foundation and the organizations it supports, check them out on

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