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Business Assistance & Outreach Programs

Communication with Business

Tustin has increased communication with the business community, informing them of programs the City has of concern to them. Information about Tustin is distributed to the business community through the City's marketing program. To date, significant progress has been made in the City's marketing program. A marketing brochure containing detailed demographic information about the City has been published. Tustin is proud that this marketing brochure has received an award from a national economic development organization for its professional, effective print media campaign. A video about Tustin have been completed. The video is distributed to businesses interested in relocating to Tustin and to all other groups wanting information about the City. The Redevelopment Agency also publishes a newsletter detailing the positive impact the Redevelopment Agency has on the city which is distributed to every business and residence in the City.

Tustin Business Retention and Attraction Program
Tustin is committed to creating an environment in which businesses can succeed. To create this environment Tustin has surveyed the business community on issues that effect their community. This ongoing outreach has resulted in Tustin streamlining its entitlement process, training its staff in customer service, and conducting interviews with the local businesses. These interviews are done with staff of the Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency and representatives of the Tustin Economic Development Council. As a result of these efforts, Tustin has increased its desirability as a location in which to do business.

Tustin has been designated by California Business Magazine as the Fourth Best City in the State of California in which to do business and as has been designated by the Kostmont Survey as the most desirable, or, the "Hot Spot" in which to do business in Orange County.

Creation of Economic Development Council

So that Tustin can interact effectively with the business community, it has created the Tustin Economic Development Council (EDC). The EDC is composed of representatives of local businesses, industry and development interests. The membership of the EDC reflects diverse local community interests drawing from a broad range of business sectors and support groups including: Tustin City Council members, area retailers, industrial firms, real estate developers, lenders, commercial and residential brokers, utility companies, service organizations, and apartment owners/managers. Members of the EDC assist City staff to increase business opportunities in Tustin.

Financial Assistance
To provide for business start-up opportunities and expansion of existing businesses, the Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency provides access to a variety of financing programs authorized by either the federal or state government, as well as programs provided by other private, public and non-profit agencies. The Agency also provides technical assistance, educational support and other similar needs of a non-financial nature to the business community. A brief summary of the possible assistance and incentive programs that can be made available are as follows:
  • Zoning incentives to encourage economic development through:
    • Floor area ratio bonuses
    • Allowance for mixed use projects
    • Combining of public and private uses
    • Planned Unit Developments
    • Density bonuses
  • Assistance in land assembly:
    • Land banking
    • Eminent domain
    • Land swaps
    • Land write downs
  • Assistance with construction of infrastructure improvements.
  • Provision of technical assistance.
  • Provision of developer unique financing opportunities, consisting of:
    • Tax Increment Financing
    • 20% Housing Set-Aside Funds
    • Special Purpose Financing Districts
      • 1911, 1913, 1915 Acts
      • Mello Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982
      • Landscape and Lighting District of 1972
    • Revenue bonds
      • Lease Revenue bonds
      • Tax Allocation bonds
      • Lease Purchase financing
      • Industrial Development bonds
      • Certificates of Participation
      • Mortgage Revenue Bonds
    • Loans and Advances
    • Leases
    • Land Disposition Proceeds
    • Rental Payments
    • Participation in future cash flows

If you would like additional information regarding this program please contact the Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency at 573-3117.

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