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Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency

What's News in Redevelopment

Enforceable Obligation Schedules and Recognized Obligations Schedules

RDA Resolution No. 12-01

RDA Resolution No. 11-03 - Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule

RDA Resolution No. 11-04 - Initial Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule

RDA Resolution No. 11-05 - Revised Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule

MCAS Tustin Redevelopment Project Area

New! MCAS Tustin Redevelopment Project Area – Mid-Term 5 yr Implementation Plan

Fourth Five-Year Implementation Plan for Town Center and South Central

On November 16, 2010, the City Council and Tustin Community Redevelopment Agency adopted the Redevelopment Agency's "Fourth Five-Year Implementation Plan for the Town Center and South Central Redevelopment Project Areas".

To view the Report, click here. Should you have any questions, please contact the Redevelopment Agency at (714) 573-3121.

Map of Tustin Town Center Neighborhoods and the Town Center and South Central Redevelopment Project Areas

Tustin Legacy

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Disposition Package 1C Information

Developer Questionnaire Form

For an up to date look at development status of the Tustin Legacy Project, click here.

Tustin Blimp Hangars

DVD Documentary

The Tustin Hangars: Titans of History, a 25 minute video documentary featuring the acquisition of the former Marine Corps Air Station Tustin by the U.S. Navy and the design, building and life of the Tustin hangars premiered on September 21, 2009. Over 200 members of the community attended the premier, many of whom commented on the superb quality of the presentation and how moved they were by the documentary which revisited WWII, the catalyst for the acquisition of the base and construction of these icons of Tustin. The hangars continue to be under the purview of the U.S. Navy. Their disposition as part of the Tustin Legacy Redevelopment Project has not been finalized.

View the Documentary View the documentary

The City of Tustin and County of Orange have recently published a written history of the Lighter-than-Air Blimp Hangars at the former Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Tustin entitled “The Tustin Hangars: Titans of History, a historical account of the MCAS Tustin Hangars.” Approved by the Department of the Navy, State Office of Historic Preservation (SHPO) and Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the document does an excellent job of conveying the sense of time and place that the hangars represent. The document is a well-written, thoughtful piece that captures the architectural and military importance of the structures to the people of California. Click here to access a full copy of the document.

Base Redevelopment Community of the Year

Tustin Legacy was awarded the 2008 Base Redevelopment Community of the Year Award on August 11, by the Association of Defense Communities (ADC).

On September 21, 2010, the City Council endorsed the Report entitled “The Neighborhoods of Tustin Town Center: A New Beginning, A Strategic Guide for Development”.  As directed by the Council, City Staff will begin preparing a more defined schedule for prioritizing the Immediate and Short Term Strategies outlined in Section 7. Implementation Plan of the Guide. 

The Guide describes the Existing Conditions in three Tustin Neighborhoods: Center City, Southern Gateway, and West Village; summarizes the Community outreach process; presents Concept Plan Alternatives and Opportunity Sites, testing results, and recommends a Preferred Concept Plan for each Neighborhood; and outlines an Implementation Strategy.

The Report is part of an ongoing City planning effort to revitalize and improve older portions of Tustin.  A map identifying the location of each Neighborhood is provided below.  In preparing the report, the City’s principal consultant, Field Paoli, took into consideration the following five overriding goals for the neighborhoods: 1) increase the supply of housing; 2) enrich the livability of neighborhoods; 3) revitalize commercial uses; 4) upgrade the appearance of street corridors and community gateways; and 5) create employment opportunities.

The “Strategic Guide for Development” report is available on the city website, or on file in the Community Development Department and the Redevelopment Agency.  Should you have any questions, please contact the Redevelopment Agency at (714) 573-3121.

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